AMA Quiz

Welcome to your Ama (Toxin) Questionnaire

Select your answer based on the following:

1: Never
2: Rarely
3: Sometimes
4: Often
5: Always

I tend to feel blocked in my body (congested in the head, general lack of clarity, or other).
In the morning when I wake up, I'm groggy; it takes me quite a while to feel really awake.
I tend to feel weak, physically, for no reason that I can see.
I get colds (or similar conditions) several times each year.
My body tends to have a feeling of heaviness.
I just tend to feel that "something isn't working right" in the body (digestion, breathing, bowel movements, or something else)
I tend to feel lazy. (My capacity to work seems alright, but I have no inclination.)
I commonly have indigestion
I often feel the need to spit.
Often, I just don't have a taste for food. I have no appetite.
I just tend to feel tired, even exhausted.. in mind or body